Cryptocurrency vs Stock Market

Cryptocurrency or stock market its pretty much hard to tell that which was the best investment for you.

We will solve this mystery here.  

If you have a question in your mind about which is better for us cryptocurrency or stock market investment.

Then hurry we were going to discuss about that in this post. But before starting this post let me tell you investing is very riskier sometime.

So before starting doing anything then be wise.

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What is cryptocurrency ?

Cryptocurrency is a digital cash or digital money which you can use for exchanges of goods.

But most of the cases we use cryptocurrency as an asset and as an investment purpose.

There is a hype in the world that cryptocurrency and decentralized money is the future of the world.

What did you think about it tell me in the comment section?

Do you know Elon musk, twitter CEO and many more personalities are believing in cryptocurrency.

That’s the main reason of hype and boom in decentralized currency.

What is Stock Market ?

Stock market is a place where stocks or shares of a company buy and sell.

Stock market is one of the most and trusted investing sources. But should you invest in stocks or crypto.

We will discuss it later.

Do you know warren buffet, He is one of the biggest investor of all time he started investing at the age of 12-14.

Which is good for investing ?

According to me both is good for investing and for financial freedom. If you are in trouble which platform you are going to choose.

Choose both the platform and divide your saving and invest according to your risk level.

Risk level in cryptocurrency is very much high as compared to Stock Market.

Because in stock market you are going to invest in stock which you have prepared that it will boom.

But in crypto case the crypto market is very volatile the price of crypto changes every seconds.

There are no fundamental principles of cryptocurrency as like stock market.

In stock market you analysis the company like their cash flow, debt and tax return but in cryptocurrency there is none of that.

Cryptocurrency is running in a believe that this is a digital currency that we can use for trading, investing and exchanges of good.

So, you think why cryptocurrency is better so let’s see it below.

Why Cryptocurrency is better than Stocks ?

The answer of why cryptocurrency is better in stocks is that you don’t have to research so much about any crypto as like bitcoin.

But in stocks you have to do a research and then you have to find out the company with good fundamentals etc.

The second reason of cryptocurrency is better than stock is it gives a magnificent return.

You can check the previous record of how cryptocurrency is giving return.

Final Cryptocurrency Vs Stock Market

Both cryptocurrency and stock market are good for investing but for a good return without doing any research then crypto will win.

But what if the organizations, government and people suddenly don’t believe in cryptocurrency then your investment will be lost.

This scenario will happen to stock market too. Think a company is not making a good profit and it has a high debt then it will shut down.

 So, there is risk in every side. Just learn something


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